Riots at the Capitol

Early Wednesday, President Trump encouraged his supporters to make their way to the US capitol while the Congress were counting the Electoral college votes. Chaos erupted as an angry mob of rioters breached the building while waving Trump flags and wearing Trump gear. The incident resulted in 4 deaths and 52 arrests. 17 members of congress then signed a letter to Vice-president Mike Pence asking him to the 25th amendment to remove Trump. The 25th amendment formally outlines the transition of power if the president is unfit or unable to serve.

Criticism is now centered on the apparent under-preparedness of the police. Protesters were filmed being guided or escorted out of the building without any arrest. Another clip also shows a police officer posing for a selfie with one of the rioters. Soon to be vice president Kamala Harris said: “we have witnessed two systems of justice. One that let extremists storm the US Capitol yesterday, and another that realized tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer. It’s simply unacceptable”.

The congress reconvened about six hours later, taking up where they had left off: the hearing of the objection from senator Ted Cruz and congressman Paul Gosar to Arizona’s electoral results. The Senate and the House both rejected it. Vice president Mike Pence announced just after 3:40 am Thursday that president-elect Joe Biden had won the presidency after congress completed the counting of the Electoral college votes.

Though rioting is unusual at the Capitol, it has its history of violence. In 1998, two police officers were shot and killed by a man who made his way into the first floor of the building. In 1954, five house lawmakers were shot and wounded by members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party.

What politics means to me

Politics is a basic element of human societies. By being politically active, we as individuals, have the power to realize or own goals for ourselves and the society. Our values, ideas and wishes are reflected in our political orientation. Through politics, we get to express and affect the form of government where we live. Every single one of us is affected by politics. That’s why it’s so important to me, and why it should be important to everyone. We all have the power to change the society, and it is through politics that historically changes has been made.

To summarise: Politics to me means an understanding of how the actions of the government impacts our lives and how me, as an individual, can take part in the management of society.

How Covid-19 has impacted the presidential race:

Covid-19 has made 2020 an outstanding year that will make its ways to many history books in the future. Our normal lives, our routines, our economy, our view of the world and our public health is only a small fraction of what the pandemic has dramatically influenced. But 2020 is also the year for a new presidential election. Which makes us question: How has Covid-19 impacted the presidential race?

Covid-19 changed everything from how the campaign is conducted to how people vote. The pandemic has canceled conventions and made relegated fundraising and campaigning digital. It has even forced many states to rapidly change how people get and submit their ballots, leading to potentially unpredictable and catastrophic results. The affect that Covid-19 has had on the nation’s public health and economy, along with the Black Lives Matter movement, have made people revisit what characteristics they want from their leaders. In other words, the acute and history changing crisis have refocused the nation’s attentions.

Donald Trump currently finds himself displaced as a central character in his own campaign by a virus that answers to no ideology or political objective. The future leader, that being either Joe Biden or Trump, will find himself dealing with an uncertain future. Who the people choose as President, will be charged with ending the pandemic’s reign of destruction and shape the future of the nation as it rises from its ashes.

Gender inequality and its impact on the climate

Population growth increases the competition for resources and lack our ability to deal with climate change. By investing in girl’s education, and thereby lower birth rates, we can achieve a great beneficial impact: both improving lives, while also making current populations more resource secure.

Bilderesultater for education for girls climate change"

Through quality education, which includes guidance and knowledge regarding family planning and female reproductive health, can open to more personal choices and a better financial independence for young women. Educated girls are shown to marry later, have smaller, healthier families and invest in their own children’s education.

Educating girls results in helping populations become more resilient. It reduces pressures on recourses, increases the chance of long lasting development success through higher recourses security. Women are more exposed to dangers linked to natural disasters such as floods and droughts caused by climate changes. They are also the most vulnerable to the impacts of insufficient resource access. Therefore, the importance of educated women are crucial. Educated women can also share their skills and knowledge required mitigate the effects of recourse constrains and climate change.

Bilderesultater for african family poor"

Quality education and gender equality

Bilderesultat for quality education

Education unlocks imagination, liberates the intellect and is fundamental for self-respect. Quality education is the key to prosperity and it opens a world of opportunities, creating a possibility for us to contribute to a progressive and healthy society.  

Close to 132 million girls are out if school around the world. In countries affected by conflict, girls are more than twice less likely to be in school. There are various barriers to girl’s education such as human trafficking, poverty, child marriage and gender-based violence. Poor families often favour boys when having to pay for a further education as well. With so many girls being out of school, what are the consequences?

The world is in need of well-educated scientists and endowed individuals to create a world built on the basis of the sustainable goals. Both boys and girls should be given the recourses needed to express their talent, gifts and creativity. Gender equality in school is not only morally fair, it is crucial.

Bilderesultat for malala gender equality

Press freedom in North Korea

“a state of ignorance”

Bilderesultater for north korea"

The press in North Korea is one of the most strictly controlled in the world. The state-controlled media use propaganda with the aim of ensuring the citizens loyalty to Kim Jung Un, who is the current leader of the country. North Korea is ranked the number 179 country in the world at the press freedom index. The country makes the bottom of the list, only with Turkmenistan bellow them.

Access to international and independent media is tightly restricted. The constitution theoretically guarantees freedom of speech, still, all reportings has to be sanctioned by the government. Listening to unauthorized broadcast or possessing publications in which is not accepted by the government goes under the penal code as “crimes against the state”. This can lead to serious punishments such as jail sentences, hard labor or death penalty.

The regime almost has complete control over communication and files transmitted over the national intranet. This is a result of the widespread adoption of mobile phones, including smartphones, being accompanied by technical measures.

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