Riots at the Capitol

Early Wednesday, President Trump encouraged his supporters to make their way to the US capitol while the Congress were counting the Electoral college votes. Chaos erupted as an angry mob of rioters breached the building while waving Trump flags and wearing Trump gear. The incident resulted in 4 deaths and 52 arrests. 17 members ofContinue reading “Riots at the Capitol”

What politics means to me

Politics is a basic element of human societies. By being politically active, we as individuals, have the power to realize or own goals for ourselves and the society. Our values, ideas and wishes are reflected in our political orientation. Through politics, we get to express and affect the form of government where we live. EveryContinue reading “What politics means to me”

How Covid-19 has impacted the presidential race:

Covid-19 has made 2020 an outstanding year that will make its ways to many history books in the future. Our normal lives, our routines, our economy, our view of the world and our public health is only a small fraction of what the pandemic has dramatically influenced. But 2020 is also the year for aContinue reading “How Covid-19 has impacted the presidential race:”

Gender inequality and its impact on the climate

Population growth increases the competition for resources and lack our ability to deal with climate change. By investing in girl’s education, and thereby lower birth rates, we can achieve a great beneficial impact: both improving lives, while also making current populations more resource secure. Through quality education, which includes guidance and knowledge regarding family planningContinue reading “Gender inequality and its impact on the climate”

Quality education and gender equality

Education unlocks imagination, liberates the intellect and is fundamental for self-respect. Quality education is the key to prosperity and it opens a world of opportunities, creating a possibility for us to contribute to a progressive and healthy society.   Close to 132 million girls are out if school around the world. In countries affected byContinue reading “Quality education and gender equality”

Press freedom in North Korea

“a state of ignorance” The press in North Korea is one of the most strictly controlled in the world. The state-controlled media use propaganda with the aim of ensuring the citizens loyalty to Kim Jung Un, who is the current leader of the country. North Korea is ranked the number 179 country in the worldContinue reading “Press freedom in North Korea”

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